About me…

The studio is located in St. Mary’s County Maryland. I can also travel to my clients if it’s more convent for them.

I’m not quite sure exactly how I ended up with this amazing and exciting  life. One day not so long ago I decided to pick up a camera and the whirlwind adventure began. I’ve traveled to faraway places; I’ve met people who have become dear friends and I’ve had some wild adventures along the way that are burned into my memory forever. There have been bad times, like having food poisoning in an airport with a 6 hour flight ahead of me, and very good times, hanging out in New York, Miami, Los Vegas & San Francisco with  my photography friends.  I have no idea where this camera will lead me in the future, but I’m excited about the next amazing photo, the next person I’ll meet and the next exhilarating journey.  My only regret is that the adventure didn’t start sooner!  My story continues with pages yet to be written and memories yet to be made. My life is fluid, never staying the same for very long.  Welcome to my crazy world; I’m very happy you are here and I would be honored  to help you capture some of the beautiful moments of your life.

Additional Information:

  • My clientele includes athletes, politicians, and leading business professionals in the Washington DC area and beyond.
  • I’m a  seminar instructor teaching boudoir photography around the country to aspiring photographers.
  • I authored the  Boudoir Flow Posing guide that makes boudoir posing effortless for photographers.
  • My studio is located in Southern Maryland, and I primarily  work in the Maryland, Washington DC and the Northern Virginia areas but  I’m also available for destination shoots.
  • I  previously worked as a seminar assistant for Neil van Niekerk assisting with his lighting workshops around the country.
  • I’m dedicated to sharing my love and knowledge of boudoir photography with other photographers by helping them reach their goals through my teaching websites The Boudoir Photography NetworkThe Boudie School   and The boudoir group on Facebook The Boudoir Photography Network Facebook Group