Finding female models to start your boudoir portfolio…

Many photographers have a hard time coming up with the initial photographs to start their website boudoir galleries.  Clients often don’t feel comfortable giving you the rights to post their photos in public.  While that is perfectly understandable, it can at times be frustrating for the photographer. There is nothing worse than having an amazing image you’re not able to show off. So how do the rest of us manage to obtain photos we are able to post? There are several ways. Approach women you know and ask them if they would be interested in posing for your portfolio, in exchange for a DVD of the files. This worked well for me. Some of my very first boudoir photo shoots were of my nieces. Both made beautiful models and they were more than excited to exchange modeling for free photos. Here are a few of those first boudoir images from that shoot. The photos are very mild and show nothing more than you would see at any public beach or swimming pool. Lovely boudoir can be very discreet and tasteful.
You could also post on your website or blog that you are looking for women to use as models in exchange for images.

sm1 img2 img3

Another way to find willing models is to join one of the online modeling web sites that connect photographers, makeup artists and models, such as One Model Place and my favorite Model Mayhem.  Usually the more experienced models do charge for their time, but I’ve also found beginners who took beautiful images and were willing to trade for prints or files on DVD. These are some of the girls I’ve gotten from Model Mayhem who I’ve traded prints with. The first, Josette Marie MM#1334509 and second, Athena C.  MM#1272508, were both beautiful girls who were starting their portfolios and needed images. The more your work improves, the higher quality and more experienced models you will be able to attract.  When you are  looking through the model’s profiles keep in mind that many of them willing to trade for print will not have photos on their site showing their true potential because they are new and haven’t had the opportunity to work with a good photographer. You have to try and judge who would work well as a boudoir model, often times from very bad amateur photos they have posted on their sites, but there are gems out there waiting to be discovered!  The two girls below in the first and second images made great models, although I would have never know it from the photos they had on their site at the time. Heather, in pink, did have more experience than the other two women but was still willing to trade me for images on DVD because she liked my work.
Remember if you do find a model willing to trade, treat them fairly, get their fully retouched images to them in a timely manner and give them credit for their work. If you are a man always act in a very professional manner and for your own protection NEVER shoot a boudoir session without a female assistant present at all times. I can not stress this strongly enough.

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