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Why I’m not the cheapest wedding photographer in town and never will be.

I had a bride e-mail me recently saying she wish she would have used me to shoot her wedding.  She didn’t like the direct, harsh, on camera flash used to light her reception photos, which were taken at Bowles farm, a   reception  venue here in St. Mary’s County.  Two of the most popular places in St. Mary’s county for wedding receptions are also the darkest, Bowles farm and Hollywood fire house.  I have the equipment and knowledge to handle most any lighting situation I run into and make it look good. I always use off camera lighting when I shoot in those two particular venues. That way I can avoid harsh on camera flash.  I personally don’t know of any other  photographer in our area that uses off camera lighting when necessary. 

 The bride was also disappointed that her photographer didn’t use photoshop the way I do.  Most people don’t realize how much time I spend editing  photos after the wedding. It’s one  reason I will not drop my prices way down  and compete with the lowest bidders.  I put a lot of work into my photos and I take the extra time to make people look even more beautiful than they already do. 😉 Below are a few examples of  images before and after photoshop.

 I may be a bit more expensive  but I think in the end, when you see your photos, you will feel it was well worth it to hire someone who takes a lot of pride in her work. Your photos are the one thing from your wedding day that will  last for years and years. The food gets eaten the decorations end up in the trash but your photos live on forever and will be handed down from generation to generation.