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I wanted to share a few more images from the recent Washington DC boudoir shoot. I found this beautiful, brightly colored scarf at a local street fair and decided it would be the perfect prop for J to use during her boudoir photo session. The flowing scarf gave her something to do with her hands and it distracted her so she wasn’t quite as aware of the camera. Give a client something to do and it makes her relax and pose more naturally. If you don’t have a scarf you could tell her to braid or brush her hair, play with a pillow or bounce on the bed, anything to keep her busy. I usually start a photo shoot using the boudoir flow posing techniques I talk about in my Boudoir Flow Posing guide but after I’ve captured those core shots I move on to more advanced poses like the ones above. You could shoot a series of images like these against any solid wall. No fancy props needed!

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Great images, Robin, and your Boudoir Posing Guide is awesome. Thanks for the other tips as well.

Stunning! The color and lighting are beautiful. That scarf really looks great against her porcelain skin tone.


Great tip (and photos of course)! The scarf works really well in her pics too.


Wonderful shots of J! She looks so beautiful!

Wow these are amazing.. the pop of orange and the simple poses really make your work stand out from the rest!

Thanks for the tips Robin. Love the orange scarf!

Leah Aubrey


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