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Robin Owen Photography is delighted to be the first to introduce luxury boudoir photography services to the Washington DC metro area. We cater to women who appreciate the finer things in life. Our professional, friendly staff is respectful of your privacy should you need it. Your session will take place in one of the lushly appointed hotel suites in Washington or in a private residence, if you choose. Let our highly trained hair and makeup team pamper you as you sip a cocktail and relax before your photo session. Our all female staff is fun and relaxed and will have you laughing and enjoying yourself in no time.

Let Robin capture your beauty in an intimate and sexy photo shoot. Nervous? Don’t be. We bring out the sexy in every woman. Using all the secrets of high-end fashion photographers, we will make you magazine perfect. Illusion and a woman’s natural beauty intermingle to create photographs that will take your lover’s breath away. Robin will be there to coach you every step of the way. We bring together all the necessary details to create stunningly beautiful images. The combination of the right photographer, opulent surroundings, beautiful lingerie and an amazing hair and makeup team make the perfect recipe for you to look your very best.

Although we offer packages as a starting point, each one can be customized to fit your personal needs and wants. Don’t live near Washington? Our services are available nationwide. Have a particular fantasy you want to capture? Come talk with us; we will find a way to make it a reality. Boudoir photography is an amazing gift for yourself, for the man or woman who has everything, or for the couple who wants to document their deep love and affection for each other in a romantic playful way. While most of our clients are women we also cater to couples and men.

I’m So Nervous!

So you’ve decided you would really like to have your boudoir photos taken but maybe you’re a little apprehensive. You think to yourself, I don’t know how to pose, I never take good photos, I’m nervous in front of the camera, I have stretch marks…stop!  Leave the worrying to me.  It’s my job to make you look your very best and I’ve gotten quite good at it over the years. You will have a highly trained and experienced photographer right by your side helping you pose so that you look fabulous. I’ll coach you throughout the entire process. Your job is to relax and have fun! At Robin Owen Photography, you are not just another client rushed through the process. I care deeply about each image you walk away with. They represent me and my work.


Are you concerned about your privacy? Many women have sensitive jobs or other concerns and are very worried about the embarrassment it would cause them if their boudoir photos were to ever  get out on the internet. At Robin Owen Photography, you are never pressured into letting me share your boudoir images or charged more to keep them private. Your images can even be deleted off my hard drive after you place your order. You will be the only one with a copy. Of course  I would love to blog about every client’s photo shoot and show off some of their beautiful images on my website but I’ll always ask you first.


This is a wonderful time to go shopping for  beautiful lingerie that you look amazing in! Things you may want to bring to your boudoir shoot are high heels, stockings and any props or  jewelry you may have.  Below I’ve listed a few clothing ideas that you may not have thought of. You can also browse boudoir websites for more inspiration.

  • White cotton tank top and panties
  • Transparent see-through clothing (I love this for shoots)
  • Daisy duke short shorts
  • Tank tops
  • Crazy long striped socks
  • Panties printed with a personal message on them.
  • Sexy silky bathrobe
  • Tight thin shirts with no bra
  • Panty and bra sets
  • A small sign with a private personal message just for him..
  • Babydoll lingerie is a great style to hide a bit of a tummy.

Hair and Makeup:

I work with a fabulous group of makeup artists and hair stylists and I will take care of the arrangements.

Where are the photos taken?

The boudoir photo shoots take place in boutique hotels in or around Washington DC and New York City or in whatever city your shoot takes place in. If you have an amazing home, beach house or beautiful yacht we can arrange to do the shoot there.

What if I need my photos for my website or commercial use?

The larger boudoir packages include digital files and you are free to use them on your site.

Additional information:

  • Avoid tanning before your boudoir photo shoot. Fake tans and tan lines will look bad in your photos. Trust me! Your skin is going to  look beautiful after the editing process. You don’t need a tan!
  • Don’t worry if you have a breakout before your shoot. I will touch up acne.
  • Eat before you come in. You are going to get hungry after a few hours of shooting, so have a light meal before your session.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes to your shoot to avoid lines and marks on your skin.
  • Husbands, boyfriends and children are not allowed during the shoot. There is no waiting area so they will be asked to come  back later to pick you up at the end of your session. You can bring a girlfriend with you for support.
  • Please make sure you have your fingernails and toenails manicured before your shoot. This is very important; they will show  up in the photos. I personally love french manicures.
  • Have your hair color touched up if needed. You will want to look your best and it can’t be done in photoshop.
  • Big chunky sparkly jewelry looks best. Small jewelry tends to get lost in the image and becomes more of a distraction.
  • Don’t wear anything with glitter on your skin. Glitter tends to show up as white spots in files.
  • I have no problem shooting nudes so don’t be afraid to ask if that is what you want. If there is some special thing your husband  finds sexy and exciting, tell me! I’ve heard it all before and we can make sure we get a few special shots for him.
  • Bring sexy heels!
  • Relax. boudoir shoots are fun. You are going to laugh and have an amazing time.  Don’t worry about your perceived imperfections! No woman is perfect and men love us to death anyway! Proper posing and lighting will highlight your best assets and hide any problem areas. I will ask you which part of your body you like the most and which you are a little self-conscious about before your shoot.


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